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Rebecca Reilly: Nerves of Steel, Heart of Gold
2 March 2014 by Emily Chappell

Rebecca at CMWC 2002 - where's that front brake, young lady?

The legend of Rebecca Reilly has loomed large over my years as a courier. I’m perhaps more readily disposed than most to appoint heroes and role models – if I count up all the people who’ve inspired me over the years, it would stretch into the dozens, or perhaps even hundreds – but there’s always been something particularly compelling about Reilly. Perhaps it was her undisputed status as one of the pioneers of the courier scene. Perhaps it was her prominence as a woman in an industry still heavily dominated by men. Perhaps it was simply her elusiveness.


Bicycle Film Festival, London, October 3rd - 6th 2013
12 September 2013 by Buffalo Bill

Cycling fans from around the UK and Europe will flock to London this October for the Bicycle Film Festival’s tenth season in London, celebrating the world’s best invention: the bicycle. The BFF is proud to be in its 10th year in the UK, as we continue to see cycling championed across the country and abroad.

Feature film highlights include MOONRIDER (Dir. Daniel Dencik) an honest and heart breaking picture of extreme and lonely life of a young championship rider, CICLO (Dir. Andrea Martinez Crowther) in which two brothers retrace their cross-continental bike journey 56 years later in an exploration of memory, the cycle of life and the steady passage of time and JANAPAR (Dir. James Newton and Tom Allen) a true story filmed over four years in thirty-two countries by one man on a bicycle.


Nelson Vails film seeks funding
15 August 2013 by Buffalo Bill

Nelson Vails is the fastest bicycle messenger that ever lived. A working New York bicycle messenger, he was a silver medallist in the Match Sprint at the 1984 Olympics, and went on to race kierin professionally in Japan. A documentary outliining his life is seeking additional funding. You can read more, and see a trailer on the Indiegogo page, Cheetah: The Nelson Vails Story.


Interesting times: A fond farewell to Ms Nhatt Attack
4 June 2013 by Emily Chappell

copyright: Selim Korycki 2013. All rights reserved

A couple of days ago Nhatt and I sat in the departures lounge at Heathrow, one of us savouring her final pint on British soil, and the other contemplating what felt very much like the end of an era.

When I limped back to the UK a few months ago after spending 18 months cycling across Asia, Nhatt was the one who met me at the airport and (with typical good humour) helped me haul two heavy bags and a bike box the size of a mattress back to Peckham, via public transport, during rush hour – so a few months later, when she packed up nine years of London life into a Pac, a Brompton bag and a Carradice, and discovered she’d need help carrying it all to the airport, it was obvious and inevitable that she’d turn to me, and, as we realized (her gleefully; me ruefully), impossible for me to refuse.


Bike raffle in aid of LCEF
12 April 2013 by Buffalo Bill

Apollo Gerolymbos has built two bikes to be raffled off in aid of the London Courier Emergency Fund. To buy a ticket, click here.

To see the specs, click here.

To read the interview from which the accompanying picture is taken on cyclelove, click here.